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How was the KickStarter campaign?

It was a success! over 1900 backers helped me create the most complete collection of printable fantasy props out there!

Even so, many people missed it, but you can join now!

What do I get?

What is the file format?

Just ordered my Elegoo Mars on amazon.

This campaign just tipped me on this new world.

Thanks :)

Carlos Muralhas

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your sculpting style! It's like a caricature of a physical object. It's not cartoony and it is literal enough to use alongside realistic minis, but you find the essential aspects of an object and emphasize them just a little. I expect that on a scale tabletop, these will pop in a way that more conventional sculpts just can't.

Chris Dietrich

I am buying a 3d resin printer because of your artwork. I have wanted one for a while and this kickstarter has made it happen. Thanks my dude!


I've printed the free model on a Ender 3 pro.

I printed it halfscale for legendary scale (Joan of Arc game) and with very bad setup (speed at 60, layer at 0.2) to see how "bad" it can be.

And I'm quite satisfied of the result.


I have in the past supported entire kickstarters (as well as a month of a Patreon) just because heir were included a few stay bits of furniture. So a whole campaign of props is like a dream come true so thank you 

Lisa Kellogg


Thanks a lot for join  3D Printable Fantasy Props!

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You can't edit the STL's or use portions of them to create new Content.

You can cut/resize the files to fit better your printer but you can't share those derivatives.

You can't make cast/molds of my models, any kind of mass production is prohibited.The files cannot be used in any other project or crowdfunding platform.

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