Merchant Waiting List

Access to new Merchants is currently closed.

The Merchant License allows you to sell all our minis in physical format on your website, Etsy or ebay.

We will be opening new Merchant subsciption spots during the month of April.

If you want to become a Merchant of STL Miniatures and sell our minis in physical format,

Sign up to the Waiting List now:

 Patreon and Tribes members will have priority access to the new Spots when the Merchant program reopens.

Merchant Tier

Merchant Tier receive everything from the Hero Tier (Welcome package, Monthly Releases, access to Polls and Work in Progress, MMF 50% discount).

You can Sell the Prints of our Patreon/Tribes Models and from our Kickstarter campaigns (but never the files or links!) as long as you stay in this Tier.

The campaigns included are:

  • 3D Printable Fantasy Props
  • City of Firwood
  • 3D Printable Fantasy NPCs 1
  • 3D Printable Fantasy NPCs 2
  • The Frost City 1
  • The Frost City 2
  • 3D Printable Fantasy Props 2 (coming soon)