City of Firwood

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City of Firwood Late Pledge

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City of Firwood is finally composed of 15 buildings in 28mm scale, with playable interiors, doors that work, windows with slots to simulate glass with the best quality I could make them to take your games to the next level.

The buildings in the campaign are ready to print on most FDM printers, split into pieces and without the need for supports (I hate FDM supports :).

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign so you can see all the content included:

City of Firwood Printable Scale Model STLMiniatures
City of Firwood Printable Scale Model STLMiniatures

City of Firwood


Buildings included in City of Firwood

Alchemist House

Small House

Medium House



Weapon Shop




Witch Hunt

Generic Store


Thieves Guild

Wizard Tower


Some pictures of FDM printed buildings

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